Ford: WheelSwap

How virtual reality can help drivers and cyclists share the road

As part of a blended WPP team, H+K worked with Ford to develop new ways to help drivers and cyclists better share the road. 

Working with our behavioural scientists, we created an experiment to see whether activating empathy could lead road users to be more considerate to others.  

Using a bespoke virtual reality experience, we helped cyclists and drivers understand what the road experience is like for the other side 


We tested if this actually changes road behaviour. We ran an experiment across five European cities with over 1,200 participants.  

We then followed-up with participants to see how their driving or cycling behaviour had changed. 

  • 70% of people were more empathetic after experiencing Wheelswap 
  • 60% of people changed their behaviour since experiencing Wheelswap 
Sector: Mobility + Transportation
Specialist expertise: Behavioral Science
Product: SMARTER™
Office: London