Better Impact™ Scorecard


Our Better Impact™ Score provides an ongoing benchmarking against the UN Sustainable Development Goals, identifying the goals that most align with your business performance, stakeholder values and brand purpose. It enables our Better Impact Consultants to build strategies the ensure your communications are credible and authentic.

Whether you’ve used our score, or you’ve already identified an issue or cause that’s authentic to your Purpose, we can provide expertise in social and environmental brand communications. Our approach is holistic and inclusive, so your consumers, employees and stakeholders are part of the process and share in creating a positive impact on people and the planet.

We will provide an analysis of your Better Impact™ score and identify the top 3 UN Sustainable Development Goals where your business can authentically communicate, and have genuine impact. Presented as a report, with a top-line overview and easy-to-understand impact assessment, grounded in globally recognized standards for people and the planet.


First, we create ongoing benchmarking against the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We listen carefully and work with you to identify goals that match with your business performance, stakeholder values and brand purpose. We aim to present our findings to you within 6-8 weeks.


Time to move forward. We build our learnings from the Better Impact Score™ to create and help you deliver strategies that transform your communications so they are authentic, engaging and believable.


What are the issues that keep your audiences up at night? What makes their blood boil? And what makes them get of the sofa and do something? We’ll help you identify the things that matter to them, the things that create a better impact and lasting preference. This can be in support of the Better Impact™ Score and Action plan, or specially targeted, standalone communications campaigns.

What is your true impact?

The influence of brands is far reaching these days. And people really do care about the carbon footprint of their smashed avocado. Is the supply chain behind their clothes ethical? Is the energy they use green? They don’t want vague promises, they demand hard facts. And there’s nowhere to hide. Consumers, stakeholders and employees can easily access information about your organization. They want to know the impact their dollar and their loyalty on people and the planet. Sell them short and they’ll vote with their wallets while you watch your share price head South.

CSR Strategy? Tick. Annual Sustainability Report? Tick. Corporate Charity? Tick. Nice work. But no cigar. People want you to do more than just be seen to be greener than Kermit, or more sustainable than Sting on a tantric night in. They want to see real, authentic investment in the causes and issues your business believes in. They need you to be a progressive force, making a positive impact on everything your brand touches.

We’ve spent a lot of time listening and reflecting on the challenges this strange new world sets up businesses like yours. That’s why we created H+K Better Impact™. It’s led us to a whole new way of approaching these kinds of issues. Rather than try to fix the whole thing in one go, we’ll spend time with you to understand where your business stands. Through our score/act/consult process, we’ll help you zoom in on key areas that can create immediate, lasting impact. As a result, you can quickly start to operate with a lighter touch.

To learn more about our Better Impact Consulting, click here or contact [email protected].

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