How can I identify niche influencers?

Most tools don’t consider offline influence. They also don’t allow us to understand the context of discussions.

So we built Sherlock+ to combine these two things; it takes our expertise (who we know) and builds on it using contextualised data.

Understanding true influence

Sherlock+ is a series of custom dashboards built in partnership with social listening experts Brandwatch.

Sherlock+ dashboards use a proprietary methodology to track influencers true impact, identifying up-and-coming KOLs using custom searches for each client. We also maintain influencer lists across a variety of topics for our eight key sectors.

The methodology involves H+K’s sector experts creating ‘VIP lists’ of key influencers alongside our Data + Analytics specialists. We develop these lists by starting with known sector experts, existing media lists, or niche groups (such as patient advocates). 

These are then built upon using data-driven network analysis of the interactions, engagements and relationships that surround these KOLs, which are then ranked according to true impact, all in real-time.  We then look at what these influencers share, engage with & care about online.

Sherlock+ reports include:

•  Identification of new influencers for clients, as well as deeper dive into those they already know

•  Grouping of influencers into tribes, helping clients to understand not just who to engage at a tactical level – but also thinking strategically about each group holistically.

•  Client access to all data, live, via a custom dashboard

Allison Spray

Global Head of Data + Analytics


H+K delivers deep industry knowledge combined with specialist areas of expertise. We understand our clients’ ecosystem and how to engage their audiences.
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Specialist expertise

We integrate core disciplines to deliver deep industry knowledge combined with specialist areas of ‘ideas + strategy’, ‘content creation’ and ‘publishing’.
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