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What is Content + Publishing Strategy?
It’s a question we get asked a lot, and it can mean so many different things. At H+K, our Content and Publishing Strategy teams are the ones who work out who we create content with, what format it takes, and where it lives. This is based on audience behavior and a deep cultural understanding of why & how people consume content today.

The team know when to produce branded content and when it should be made in partnership with a publisher, community or thought leader. They know when it’s right to work with influencers – and who those influencers need to be. They’ll connect you with them, provide best practice, and make your partnerships truly sing.

They know all about editorial, long-form, snackable, video and even voice. They’ll show you the latest social formats – and explain how & why they work. They’ll share continued best practice from a media landscape that’s ever-changing, and prove why a consistent visual identity across everything we create is so key.

They’ll tell you how and why to use different channels. They set up global newsrooms, social strategies, influencer outreach and multichannel content marketing programs that span everything from email to web. They’ll give you a strategic point of view on paid media and native advertising, how to integrate search behavior and show you the consumer journey across multiple touchpoints.

Content NEXT
What’s more – the team are hungry for what’s next. Content NEXT is our global community of innovation-driven C+Pers; the ones fascinated by developing forms of content + publishing. This isn’t about chasing trends for the sake it, but making data-informed decisions that are led by what audiences of every kind are using right now.

Next gen partners – providing access to the publishers, communities and the platforms making waves, our preferred partner network is ready to be activated when you need them, fast. From Spotify to TRIBE, amazon to Vice, we know the people you need to know, how to work with them, learnings, preferred rates and much more.

Next gen influence – we’re using smart technology to connect our global network of influencer expertise so that our clients get instant access to the right people, in the right space, in an integrated way. From our own portfolio of talent we’ve highlighted as the voices of the future, to the more established influencers across the world of corporate affairs and even the nano/micro grassroots army, we have direct relationships with the people you need to know.

Next gen formats – a step beyond the latest formats to spring from Facebook, we dive deeper in to consumer and business adoption of formats, and explore why one works over another. We partner with consumer insights experts to provide a global point of view on the ‘what’ in a way that’s much more than just telling client to ‘use video’

Vikki Willimott

Global Head of Content + Publishing

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